Clicktivism Poetry Slam

Watch CJ Bowerbird’s gripping poetic performance about clicktivism and how it misconstrues our self-image.

“You’re just using an online sink to wash your hands”


“Clicktivism: The Illusion of Involvement”

This video gives a small insight on the definition of clicktivism from a student’s perspective and why it may or may not work. The man in this video, Erik Salloum, takes the stance of being against clicktivism because he thinks it allows people to feel like they are taking action when in reality, they aren’t doing much at all. His arguments parallel ours in the sense that he feels that liking a facebook post, using a hashtag, or signing an online petition will not fix the issue at hand. Salloum feels that doing this gives people the illusion of involvement and rids them of their guilty conscious for not being active in the community. The one place where our arguments differ is that this student feels that clicktivism doesn’t do anything at all and is not a productive use of time or energy. We feel that clicktivism does a good job of spreading awareness, it just doesn’t do much to in terms of taking action and causing real life change.