“Your ‘Like’ Doesn’t Help Charities, It’s Just Slacktivism”

An interesting segment from YouTube news source, DNews, presenting data that supports clicktivism being potentially harmful for charities. 

“We’re biologically wired to want to look good to others, people seeing you as someone who supports a cause is almost exactly the same to your brain as actually supporting that cause.”


“The Structure of Online Activism”

Kevin Lewis, Kurt Gray, and Jens Meierhenrich analyze the Save Darfur campaign to learn about the growing online social movement community. They found that “Facebook conjured an illusion of activism rather than facilitating the real thing”.

“In other words, rather than upholding the notion of social media as gateways to civic engagement, our findings support the no- tion that “the fast growing support and diffusion of protest enabled by the Internet is followed by an even faster decline in commitment” (Van Laer 2010:348)” (Lewis, Kevin, Kurt Gray, and Jens Meierhenrich, 2014).

This hard research supports our belief that clicktivism is not a proper form of activism and does not bring about real change in the world. Read more about their study and findings here.