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Karen Alberto

Hey guys! My name is Karen and I am a junior Public Relations major at the University of Maryland. Throughout my life I was raised to help those in need through real actions and involved in many philanthropic events which allows me to understand the full value of activism. As a public relations major, I understand the benefits and importance of social media in today’s digital age. While I believe that social media can be beneficial to spread awareness about issues in our society, it is crucial to promote real-life actions to create the change we wish to see. I’m excited to inform you all about ways we can use clicktivism as a jumpstart to real activism in the world today!

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Christian Bressi

Hey Everyone! My name is Christian Bressi, and I am a Junior at the University of Maryland, College Park studying Communication and Business.  I have always been extremely passionate about making the world a better place for those close to me.  This new age of activism we see on social media is extremely beneficial to raise awareness but there is so much more that needs to happen after the fact to invoke social change.  To be the change you want to see in the world it requires more than just the click of a finger. 



Taylor Pearl

Hi guys! My name is Taylor Pearl and I am a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am currently a double major in both Theater and Communication. From a young age I was always interested in helping people and promoting a sense of well being for those around me. I have always believed that every individual deserves to speak and be heard about the issues they are passionate about. Because of this, I am a firm believer in activism. I think that if you want to see change something needs to be done and action needs to be taken. We live in a society that clings to technology. The accessibility of social media makes it easy to spread a message to a large mass of people. Using activism through technology and social media helps shed light on social issues and fight for social change. While I think that technology has advanced us as a society, I still believe that the only way to really see change is to take real life action. I look forward to telling you about clicktivism and how we can use it to promote real life action!



Jared Nickens

Hello! I’m Jared Nickens, a junior at the University of Maryland and I’m an American Studies major with a focus area of communication. As a member of the UMD Men’s Basketball team, I have learned about giving back to communities and helping those in need through programs and camps, such as the Special Olympics. College basketball is a widely popular sport which causes players to be in the limelight at all times, even on social media platforms. My personal experience with the running man challenge has shown me the impact and power that social media can have in spreading content around the nation. Through clicktivism, I hope to show you various ways as to how you can go further and make a change!



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