#CancelColbert: It’s not all bad

#Cancelcolbert was an internet campaign started by a woman named Suey Park in retaliation for a tweet sent out by the twitter account The Colbert Report.  The tweet sent out that cause such backlash said:

“I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.”

Many people associate this online campaign with the negative aspects of clicktivism.  Sadly, a lot of the time this campaign is discussed many people choose not to write about the benefits clicktivism can have on a campaign or organization.  The hashtag #cancelcolbert quickly became a top trending topic across the United States.  Colbert’s response to the tweet was that the twitter account that tweeted this controversial tweet was not affiliated with him or his television show, it was an account run by Comedy Central.  This online activism created a large amount of negative publicity for Mr. Colbert regardless of the fact he had nothing to do with the wrong-doing.

In an article from newrepublic.com titled Why Won’g Twitter forgive Suey Park, a narrative is created around clicktivism that only exaggerates the negatives of clicktivism.  Again, Suey Park started #cancelcolbert our blog does not argue that clicktivism is enough to create social change but we acknowledge the benefits it can have.  This article argues that clicktivism campaigns do more harm than good with very little good usually occurring at all.  It focuses on the idea of clicktivism spreading false messages in online campaigns and how that can affect its reader.

Although we agree that online activism is not enough to create real world change we don’t agree with how these articles surrounding #cancelcolbert frame the action of clicktivism.  It is important to recognize the benefit of easily being able to share a message online with millions of people in this world with the click of a button.


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